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Monday, May 28, 2012

Vultures on the prowl

After the death of Sathya Sai Baba, kALESwar bAbA, I thought that the people of Anantapur District, the people of Andhra Pradesh, the people of India, and the Euro and Dollar world would have some respite.

TV9 Channel had reported sometime back that bAlaSAi bAba of kurnool had lost the craze people had for him.

I believe, it is the same TV9 which has reported a few months back, that aghOri bAbA was building a large premises for his activities of 'tantra' and 'mantra' and that some VIPs were patronising him.

I heard that some 200 white Nationals have started falling at his feat.

Death of Sathya Sai Baba seems to have left a vacuum in Anantapur District, which the winds from all the four sides are trying to fill and make a fast buck from it.

I wanted to write something about aghori, but I could not take it up because I was busy searching for rAvaNa's lanka in jhArkhand, West Orissa, and the sAtnA District of madhya pradEsh. If you are interested in rAvaNA's lanka (not SrI lanka), you can have a look at my blog

Apart from the report made by TV9 on aghOri bAbA of puttaparti / gorantla, anantapur District, there are no additions.

But the internet is full of advertisements made by persons claiming as 'aghOri bAbA' tantriks specialising in black magic to solve every problem of humans on this Earth, of course for a fee. aghOris all over India claim that they practice all the rituals required as per the aghOri tradition, such as 'sitting on corpses', eating from skulls, eating human flesh, etc. These claims, they cannot avoid because, people will not believe them to possess the required powers to fulfil desires or solve the problems, unless they practice every ritual on corpses in graveyards.

Every State and every district in India seems to have dozens of aghOri bAbAs.

As our aghOri bAba of gOranTla / puTTaparti seems to enjoy political and bureaucratic patronage, he may not have any need to advertise on the internet, giving his phone No. etc.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We now need 24 Sherlock Holmes

Readers may please recollect that at my blogpost No. #038 here, I wrote that we need a dozen Sherlock Holmes to investigate into the affairs at Puttaparthi.

Now, some snakes have come out of the molehills at penugonDa, the seat of Late kALESwar's dwelling (I cannot call it hermitage, because hermitages are supposed to be in thatched huts and not in mansions and palaces).

While the brother's wife of Late kALEshwar said that there were suspicious circumstances in his death, kALEshwar's father said that he didn't find any suspicious circumstances in his son's death.

The Officials of the Government of Andhra Pradesh claimed that they were acting as per the instructions of their superiors. We do not know what the instructions of their superiors were.

Since top politicians and officials have attended the funeral of Late kALEShwar, we can presume that the Trust Officials of kALEShwar's Ashram might, definitely have approached them for help.

The Chairman of the Trust, reported to be one Shri nAgi Reddy, had promised to explain everything after 10 days.

Won't we need another dozen Sherlock Holmes to investigate this scam, as: if Scotland Yard in England can fail in London, how can the police of Andhra Pradesh lag behind?

Maha News, a TELUGU TV channel broadcast a panel discussion on why 'guruvAra ganDam for gurus' (Why do Godmen die on Thursdays?). There are some predictions that more Gurus are going to die on Thursdays.

Actually, the concept of a seven day week itself is an abstract concept. There can even be six days or eight days in a week, because the term "week" has no astronomical significance. The number of days in a solar year approx. 365 1/4 has some astronomical link with the time taken for earth to revolve around Sun. No such astronomical value for the unit-- week. The European astronomy recognising a seven day week and the Indian astronomy recognising the same seven day week, linking the name of each day to the name of a planet, seems to be an import from Assyrian/Babylonian/Mesopotamian/Sumerian civilisation of Iraq. The names of week-days cannot, therefore, have any influence on the birth, existence and death of individuals whether they are ordinary humans or self-proclaimed Gods. We should not, therefore, read much into the coincidence of death of Sathya Sai Baba and kALEShwar on Thursdays. A lady panel speaker on the TV discussion even went to say that Indian Gurus have something to do with the planet Guru (brihaspati or Jupiter).

The foreigner (western) devotees at kALEShwar's Ashram might have been in a state of bewilderment if not in panic, because their guru who was supposed to be a person omni-potent to ward off evil forces, himself had fallen flat at an young age of 39.

Friday, March 16, 2012

kALEsvar bAbA's death at penugonDa, Andhra Pradesh

T.V. channels have shown the last remains of kALEsvar bAbA getting ready for funeral.
kALESvar Baba who is said to have about 400 foreign disciples died at a private Hospital in Bangalore on the 15th March 2012. He was said to be suffering from kidney and liver troubles.

He was running just 39.

His life was said to have been insured for Rs. 200 million (appro. $4 million), just one year back. He was said to have undergone medical treatment in United States one year back.

There are some similarities between Swami Vivekananda and kAlEShwar baba. Both died at an young age of 39. Both have chequered health histories. Both have gone to United States for medical treatment.

kAleswar bAbA was said to have amassed millions of Rupees.

kAleswar had his own website

His website claims:
5 Pillars of Charity
Hunger Relief
Medical Assistance
Educational Support
Social Welfare
Infrastructure Development.

kAlEswar's brother's wife claimed in a TV interview that his death was not natural. According to her, his Trust Members had caused him mental agony. She wanted the Government to initiate investigations into his death.

We need not say that top Ministers and Officials of Government of Andhra Pradesh, neighboring State KarnATaka and Tamil Nadu attended his funeral. There were against him, allegations of occupying Government land, particularly the land which has substantial archaeological value. He was also said to have some expertise in identifying and digging up treasures hidden underground.

Who can count the number of western citizens/disciples/gullible persons expecting relief from Baba for their incurable diseases? Now, the doctor himself died, so young.

Aren't humans fools?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Enrichment of Sathya Sai Baba and his Trust at public expense

I have been wondering repeatedly how Sathya Sai Baba was able to accumulate gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones and currency.

We know pretty well that foreign contributors were his benefactors. Many Godmen preferred Dollars and Euros because they were several times worth the Rupee in terms of purchasing power.

I used to wonder how Baba was able to fool thousands of foreign citizens, who were touted as more intelligent than Asians, Africans, and South Americans.

I always felt that deductions from common sense or from the ways of the world or circumstantial evidence, though can lead to discovery of truth, are not adequate to establish and prove it.

One more circumstantial evidence, apart from those already known to readers, which has come to light a few days back is about is super-speciality hospitals.

He and his Trust made everybody to believe that their hospital was giving free medical treatment to the poor by spending substantial amounts they received as donations from India and abroad. Consequently, the Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospitality and the University have become the DEMOs and EXHIBITs for the collection of donations.

But nobody knew, how much Sai and his Trust milked the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Govt. of India. According to the current news reports, out of Rs. 4/- per unit of electricity consumption chargeable to the Hospital, Rs. 3.70 was being born by Govt. of A.P. The Trust was said to be paying just 30 paise per unit, in other words less than 7.5%.

Did Hospital exhibit any board anywhere on its premises or its website or the website of the Trust, that Govt. of A.P. is bearing 92.5% of the power bills of the Hospital? Was it not their duty? They were just tomtom-ing that everything was the mercy of Baba. And foreign donors were also believing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Treasure Hunt in Yajur Mandir

The expected happened.

We need not use astrology or clairvoyance to anticipate this.
First lot
We shall first recall, that the Trust Board Members in their first hunt disclosed that 98 kgs. of gold was found.

Second lot

The Deccan Chronicle news paper, our local daily, dated 19th July 2011 reported that 34.8 kg. of gold, 340 kg. of silver, Rupees 1.9 crore (19 million) in cash, were found at the Yajur Mandir of Late Sathya Sai Baba. These treasures -- the Andhra Pradesh Government Officials and the Sathya Sai Trust Members have jointly discovered.

My comments as a blogger (layman)
Why didn't the Trust members request the Government Officials, to search these rooms also in the first batch search which yielded 98 kilos at that time? Please see my post No. 38 here.

Have they thought that there was no alternative but to disclose more gold, silver and cash, after the fiasco of the transportation of Rs. 3.5 million caught by the police, while being transported to Bangalore. Please see my post No. 39 here.

The story of the King Midas of the 'Golden Touch' fame fades into insignificance when compared to the story of Sathya Sai Baba. King Midas had a daughter to kiss (who turned into gold, when he touched). Sathya Sai Baba might not have had anything to worry about daughters, sons, nephews and nieces becoming gold statues with his touch. The surviving blood relatives of him may not even be knowing that Baba was wallowing in heaps of gold, silver and currency notes.
Baba might not have even allowed the information of the gold mines in his bed room, to reach his blood relatives, not to speak of himself informing them about the piles.

We shall examine two examples:---

1. Gautama Buddha (founder of Buddhism, 6th Century B.C. circa) had some experience of the gold rush, but not definitely at this scale of Sathya Sai Baba. Buddha needed an Ashram (hermitage). anAtha pinDaka , a rich merchant was said to have spread out on the garden floor 18 million gold pieces to buy the land from Prince Jeta. He was said to have spent another 18 million gold pieces on the construction of the building (called 'vihAra'). Another 18 million gold pieces on the festival of dedication. It is not clear what prompted anAtha pinDaka to spend millions and billions for Buddha? Did Buddha treat and cure him of some incurable disease? Normally rich persons, more so, businessmen keep armed guards at the gates of their mansions to prevent beggars, loan-seekers, favor-seekers, mendicants from trespassing. Why did the heart of anAtha pinDaka vibrate and melt for Buddha?

Who are/were the anAtha pinDakas for Sathya Sai Baba? How did their hearts vibrate and melt for the Baba?

2. Another example: The Telugu mystic of the 15th Century 'Vemana' was said to have the power of alchemy , converting cheap metals into gold. People, apart from that, believed that Vemana's faecus (excreta or shit) converted itself into gold. It is not clear how Vemana was left alone to sit under road-side trees with just a loin-cloth, when he had such miraculous ability. The Village Landlords or the Reddy Kings (who were his kinsmen) should have/would have/might have/could have imprisoned/locked him up to collect the excreta. They would have given him special diets to produce and collect more excreta.

Persons with exceptional capabilities cannot remain free for long. About 30 years back, I read a novel, by Bhavani Bhattacharya , titled 'A Goddess named Gold'. The protagonist in this novel, as far as I can recollect, was a girl. A news spread and people believed that she had a special power on her body. Metals like iron kept on her body for some time, get converted into gold. In a few days, every inch of her body was fully covered with chains of iron items like keys, awaiting conversion. After some months, truth emerged- no conversions. Her lustre lasted only a few months. But Sathya Sai Baba's lustre has lasted nearly for half-a-century.

We must agree without demur, that Sathya Sai Baba had the ability to attract from people, covers loaded with wads of currency notes. Of course, the covers may contain their petitions. They were buying Baba with the notes. Baba was selling himself for the notes. The same people handing over covers with currency, would have refused to drop a nickel coin to the poor outside the Yajur Mandir. Here, it is worthwhile to recall the great play 'Doctor Fostus' by Christopher Marlowe. I do not wish to say that Sai Baba sold himself to Satan (and his associates) just as Dr. FAustus sold his spirit in Marlowe's drama. This play is available for free download on the Internet at

Since Sathya Sai Baba was believed to have the exceptional abilities a la those of Vemana or the protagonist girl in the Bhattacharya's novel, it could have been possible for his being imprisoned in his own dwelling i.e. the Yajur Mandir. By whom? We cannot say! may be by himself, by his own volition. Or by the top-level persons in his inner Circle.

A few of the fag-end speeches of Sathya Sai Baba, I saw on T.V. channels, I felt contained some rancour. Some bitterness and unpleasantness were observed. In one such speech, instead of preaching love, he asked his genuine critics and scurrilous detractors, using allegories, to shut their mouths up. His language was as foul as that of his detractors. This refined rudeness may be because of increasing competition from rival Babas such as BalaSai, Kalki Bhagavan, Kaleswar, Nithyananda, Art of Living Ravishankar, Swamijis like Ganapati Sachidananda, Sundara Chaitanyananda, Swaroopananda and numerous others. He might have been under considerable stress owing to loss of market share to competitors. Basically there is no difference in Corporates fighting for their market-shares and God-persons fighting for their market-shares. Conducting birthdays, convocations etc. inviting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and Governors, may be a part of marketing drives, usually adopted by all God persons.

I am tempted to write something about the novel 'Mysterious Stranger' by Mark Twain, read by me about 30 years back. I was a devotee of Mark Twain for several years. I am tempted to quote from the book: (This novel is available for free download at on the internet).

A tiny stem shot up and began to grow, and grew so fast that in five
minutes it was a great tree, and we were sitting in the shade of it.
There was a murmur of wonder, then all looked up and saw a strange and
pretty sight, for the branches were heavy with fruits of many kinds and
colors--oranges, grapes, bananas, peaches, cherries, apricots, and so on.
Baskets were brought, and the unlading of the tree began; and the people
crowded around Satan and kissed his hand, and praised him, calling him
the prince of jugglers. The news went about the town, and everybody came
running to see the wonder--and they remembered to bring baskets, too.
But the tree was equal to the occasion; it put out new fruits as fast as
any were removed; baskets were filled by the score and by the hundred,
but always the supply remained undiminished. At last a foreigner in
white linen and sun-helmet arrived, and exclaimed, angrily:

"Away from here! Clear out, you dogs; the tree is on my lands and is my

The natives put down their baskets and made humble obeisance. Satan made
humble obeisance, too, with his fingers to his forehead, in the native
way, and said:

"Please let them have their pleasure for an hour, sir--only that, and no
longer. Afterward you may forbid them; and you will still have more
fruit than you and the state together can consume in a year."

This made the foreigner very angry, and he cried out, "Who are you, you
vagabond, to tell your betters what they may do and what they mayn't!"
and he struck Satan with his cane and followed this error with a kick.

The fruits rotted on the branches, and the leaves withered and fell. The
foreigner gazed at the bare limbs with the look of one who is surprised,
and not gratified. Satan said:

"Take good care of the tree, for its health and yours are bound together.
It will never bear again, but if you tend it well it will live long.
Water its roots once in each hour every night--and do it yourself; it
must not be done by proxy, and to do it in daylight will not answer. If
you fail only once in any night, the tree will die, and you likewise. Do
not go home to your own country any more--you would not reach there; make
no business or pleasure engagements which require you to go outside your
gate at night--you cannot afford the risk; do not rent or sell this
place--it would be injudicious."

You can now guess what will happen at Puttaparti.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Replies to comments of Shri P Rao, Part 2

P. Rao has left a new comment on the post "We need a dozen Sherlock Holmes":

Please permit me to say the folloiwng.

The "Sai Baba" concept is of muslim origin in the sufi saint category.

Whatever the religious and spiritual implications of Sri Satya Sai Baba (SSSB), he did achieve the glory of a Moghal king that ruled India and lived the life of a Paadusha (Badshah). Imagine stashing 11 crores of loose cash in the office room, along with 100 kg gold. By some accounts his personal conduct over the years was no less indulgent. In a way he did restore the glory of moghal kings or close to home their once representative Nizam.

Placed in a bank the 15 crores of wealth could be earning about one crore rupees in interest per year. This disclosed wealth seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. It is interesting to note that there is very little public outrage at these findings.

Could some one address the issue if people really donate this kind of money voluntarily to a Baba? Are there any deals involved in such transactions? How does his income compare with Tirumala temple earnings? How many gurus in India today could claim this kind of wealthy opearations?

PS: You chose to call the materializations as black-magic. It can be considered simply as magic or trickery. My understanding was the word black-magic is used to denote "chetabadi" involving demon possessions. You can correct me if I am wrong.

Posted by P. Rao to SATHYA SAI BABA yb (satya sai baba) at July 4, 2011 12:58 PM


Thank you for correcting me. What Sathya Sai Baba did was only 'magic' and not 'black magic'.

I, now, get a motivation to write more.

Devotees thought that Baba was performing miracles though it was just magic. Devotees refuse to agree that he was performing magic because the word has a connotation to the western meaning of tricks by sleight of hand.

Dictionaries, when it comes to 'black magic' somehow omit to point out this relationship of 'magic' to its physical nature of hand-tricks. I quote below from WordNet:

black magic
n 1: the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or
evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world
[syn: sorcery, black magic, art}, necromancy]
- From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006)

19 Moby Thesaurus words for "black magic":
Black Mass, Satanism, chthonian worship, demonism, demonography,
demonolatry, demonology, demonomancy, demonomy, demonry,
devil lore, devil worship, devilry, diablerie, diabolism,
diabology, diabolology, sorcery, the black art

We can see the disapproving meaning clearly. Hence, you are right when you said that black magic is 'chetabadi' (in Telangana 'bANAmati').

white magic
In the same WordNet, we can see another phrase 'white magic'. = The magic used only for good purposes.

Now, what is the dividing line between the black magic and the white magic?

Suppose Rama sends out a bamboo-dart or a piece of straw with or without some lip movement onto the sea threatening it of dire consequences because it does not make way for his army of monkeys, does that bamboo stalk/straw become 'brahmAstra'? Does it become 'white magic or great astra'? It is not even just physical magic. It is nothing. Same thing if some enemy does, will it become 'black magic'? Rama, Indrajit, Arjuna, Ghatotkacha et al they were all imagining that they had great potent forces in their hands, whereas they didn't have anything in their hands.

For this reason only, Ghajni Mohammed could easily rob the Somnath Temple 17 times 17 years, every time the Priests cursing him with incantations. The Priests used to say that God would punish them. Which God? Their God? Or his God? If their God wanted to punish him, his God would have come to his rescue.

About Sai tradition
I am not sure whether Shirdi Sai Baba could have been or would have been aware of the Sufi tenets or principles. The stories of wise words and mystic actions woven around him might have been the creations of the people who assembled around him to collect the offerings given to him by devotees. He might have been just an ordinary mendicant with a small sprinkle of mystic and philosophic anecdotal knowledge a la thousands mendicants we see on the banks of the River Ganga. His success as a miraculous mendicant, prompted hundreds of thousands of mendicants all over India to wear an orange head-gear in the Sai-Baba style. You can see how the Vivekananda head-gear prompted N.T. Rama Rao to copy it.

Sai - meaning in my view
I feel that Sai means one is 'sayana-ing' (lying on a bed in a mode of rest or sleep). We have phrases like Sesha-talpa-Sai (Lord VishNu reclining on Snake-God), Vata-patra-Sai (Lord Krishna reclining on a banyan leaf immediately after apocalypse). We have Ranga Sai (Lord Ranga NAyaka in a reclining posture at Nellore). We have phrases like KShIra sAgara Sayana (One who reclines on the Sea of Milk).

An online search by me indicated that Baba did not tell his original name to anybody. One web-site says that a Guru by name Gangagir gave him the name 'Sai'. Some people say that Shirdi Sai Baba's Sai was a Persian word.

I search the word 'Sai' at the University of Chicago website, Persian-English Dictionary. I see one meaning 'equal or partner'.

I feel that it was very unlikely that Shirdi Sai Baba was a scholar in Persian language. Besides, Persian was not much popular in Maharashtra, though Ahmednagar was ruled by the Persian-origin Bahamany Sultans. Shirdi Sai might not have minded tolerating intrusion of Hindu customs of worship, as otherwise, Baba business cannot run for a mendicant with restrictive views.

About Sathya Sai Baba making billions of bucks and tonnes of gold and diamonds
What was the business which enabled Sathya Sai Baba to pile up? For this only, I said that dozens of Sherlock Holmes are needed. Sherlock Holmes stepped in where Scotland Yard failed or where they lacked. We see on roads, when a beggar asks for a half Rupee, people say that they have no change. This is a world-wide habit. How is it that people showered on him statues of gold? Certainly, there was a quid-pro-quo either real or perceived. It cannot just be love.

Latest Deccan Chronicle Report 4-7=11 has come with the headline 'Seized Satya Sai Cash not trustworthy: Police'. The Police seem to view that the 12 devotees who were said to have given the money for building Baba's tomb, did not provide adequate evidence to prove that. It is possible that they might have given some unaccounted/unaccountable cash. The Trust Authorities, instead of entering the donations into their books and remitting to the building contractor by cheque, might have chosen to remit cash direct. The cash seems to have been intercepted. Alternatively, there might have been hoards of underground cash still unaccounted in Yajurmandir. The Police, if they had wanted to do real work, should have by this time conducted a thorough search of the entire Yajur Mandir and Kulvanta Hall. They should have used metal detectors and scanning equipment to search into the walls and floors.

Storing gold underground is common in prayer houses of every religion. The hesitation of the Police might have been due to the erroneous belief that it was a private place. They may be mysteriously or mystically believing that it is the duty of the Income Tax Authorities to dig them out.

The sad reality today is there is no proper division of duties among the Revenue, Endowments, and Police Departments in the State Government and the Income Tax Department, CBI, and Enforcement Directorate of the Central Government. Everybody wants to pass on the buck.

Amassing money through fraudulent means become crimes under various Sections (e.g. 420 for cheating) Indian Penal Code and the Police should act. The places where such money is stored whether private or public can be searched, after obtaining a suitable warrant from a Competent Magistrate. The Police didn't act as long as Baba was alive, because they were too scared of him, because President of India, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers, Justices, IGPs and DGPs were his devotees.

Income Tax Department should be and are basically concerned with tax evasion. They do not normally bother much about the 'cleanliness/dirt' attached to the money with the assessee. For that reason only, once the legendary Abdul Karim Telgi became one of the top payers of income-tax in his days. When Income Tax Authorities ask about source of funds, their intention seems to be to check whether tax was deducted at source or not.

When tax rates are high, honest persons who earned few hundreds of thousands (lakhs) may also try to avoid tax. After all it is their life-time's toil.

Hence there is a need to separate 'serious economic offenses' from 'tax-avoidances and omissions and commissions'. There should be a specialised agency to deal with illegal or criminal earnings with sufficient trained staff and appropriate powers for searches etc. It should be far more effective than a Lokpal. A Lokpal can look into the offences of some bureaucrats and politicians. He may not investigate into the offences of industrialists and big business tycoons. C.B.I., theoretically, can look into many types of offenses both economic and non-economic. But that all-inclusiveness is overburdening the C.B.I. Besides, there is also a need for specialisation.

If a marginal farmer with one acre land finds a small pot of silver coins while tilling his land, the local SI and Tahsildar will rush immediately. They hold him in lock-up and beat him mercilessly even if he surrenders the pot, suspecting that he might have hidden the gold coins.

We have a proverb 'The People get the Government they deserve'. We can coin many proverbs using this analogy: 'The People get the Police, they deserve'. 'The People get the Babas, they deserve'. 'The People get the Gods, they deserve'. 'The People get the trains they deserve'. The People get the writers, they deserve. The People get the film-makers and actors, they deserve. The People get the diseases, they deserve. The People get the Political Parties they deserve. The People get the crops and harvests they deserve.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Receipt and Payment should have been recorded

Mr. Ratnakar, nephew of Late Sathya Sai Baba was reported to have said:

"The Sathya Sai trust is the ’most transparent’ trust and we go by all statutory requirements."

Blogger's views
How a 'most transparent' Trust would have handled the accounting of the Rs. 35 lacs sent in car and intercepted by Police?

A Transparent Trust would have recorded the receipt of the donations from the devotees for construction of the tomb, in its Cash/Bank Account on debit side. (The Sathya Sai Trust claims that it gets all its donations in the form of cheques. Ok, assuming that receiving cash is an exception, the receipt ought to have been recorded in its Cash Receipt Books.)

A payment by means of cheques should have then been made to the contractor building the tomb i.e. Shankar Narayana Consultancy, Bangalore. This Transparent Trust, instead, chose to directly send cash to the consultant. What prevented the Trust from issuing cheque to the Consultant?

A Contractor or a Construction Company usually do not have the nomenclature of a 'Consultant'. The Consultant might have been an Architectural Consultant.

The construction site of the tomb, apparently belongs to the Sathya Sai Trust. It would have then been appropriate for it to pay the construction costs, of course, by mobilising donations/funds from devotees. It implies that the Trust's role is not that of an intermediary. Why did it, then, act as an intermediary for remitting the funds, without entering into its books? Did the devotees object to remit their donations to the Trust and get due receipts for them? Why did they go for an off-the record transactions?

These questions, the Police should be able to break through in their investigation on cash handling.

Just as the Police cannot interfere into every issue of Private Organisations, they cannot avoid intervening or they cannot dilly-dally when huge amounts are under a state of exposure to pilferage and pillage. Prevention of crimes is as important as maintaining law and order.

Waiting for a law-and-order situation to crop up and then wielding lathis on agitating devotees cannot be the task of an effective , efficient and successful police Organisation. Preventive Precautions become imperative. It is like closing the gates of a dam before the water escapes through the loopholes. Bringing the leaked water back after it escapes will need ten times more effort than a preventive measure. Besides, failures, lapses, lassitude and torpor can cause much embarrassment to the Police Deparment.

This does not mean that Police should act hastily.

The Police, now, have a more onerous task on their back-breaking workload. They have to make a thorough search of all the car numbers passing through the toll-towers around Puttaparti. They may have to scrutinise the CC TV Camera outputs of the vehicles going through the Toll Gates. The intercepted car in question (Car with Rs. 3.5 million) itself was said to have made many trips to Bengaluru. That means more cash might have been transported.

It is better that Police employ Private Detectives for tracing out the movements vehicles and probably cash. It will be better if Police announce some incentives/rewards for those who furnish information which will lead to more disclosures. The work-load is such , that the fatigued regular staff of the Police Department cannot handle it with tirelessness and briskness. The Senior Police Staff can guide the outsourced sleuths.

Won't we need a Sherlock Holmes?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We need a dozen Sherlock Holmes

State and Central Governments failed in their basic duty of protecting people from performers of falsehood and fraud, such as black magic.

Producing goods like gold chains, lockets, falluses, from thin air or from mouth is nothing but black-magic. The fraud becomes culpable when the performer knows that it was impossible to produce goods from air or mouth and he deliberately produces them by sleight of hand. The culpability can become extremely serious when the trickery is used to convince people that the producer of the things has the additional ability to cure ailments and make them to part with money and gold.

The accumulation of 98 kgs. gold and Rs. 115 million of cash (as disclosed by the open inventory and exclusive of the siphoned wealth) clearly shows that black magic was used to collect cash and gold. The wealth stashed by Baba was said to be about $ 15 billion.

Justice P.N. Bhagawati said in an interview that he met Baba in 1968 and that since then he was Baba's faithful devotee. The Honourable Justice was also made a member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust. How can it be that, the Justice could not see and recognise the sleight of hand being performed by Baba? He might have had opportunities on several occasions to closely observe the tricks performed by Baba. A moral if not legal duty rests on him to disclose whether he saw the production of gold chains by Sathya Sai Baba.

The Governments had by their negligence contributed to repetitive performance of black magic and crimes at Prashanti Nilayam.

Indian laws on Limitation , exempt crimes from the application of the usual period of three years limitation applicable to civil suits. There is no limitation for crimes. However, wherever the alleged performer i.e. the accused dies, the case abates against him. Mr. Sathya Sai Baba, had thus gone beyond the fence and pale of the criminal law in India.

A person can rarely perform big crimes single-handedly. Crimes are like businesses. Sole Traders can undertakes petty crimes. Partners can do bigger crimes. It needs a Corporate to perform grand and grave crimes. What had taken place at Prashanti Nilayam was, therefore, a group crime. Other members of a crime-group cannot escape prosecution on the ground that one or two members died.

After the departure of Sathya Sai Baba, Government seems to have regained a part of its masculinity. The activity it is showing in handling the cash of Rs. 3.5 million caught in an intercepted car, is one example. That Rs. 3.5 million may only be a tip among several tips of several ice-bergs. The investigators have monumentla work to do.

I get a feeling that at this critical juncture, we need -- not one Sherlock Holmes, but a dozen detectives of his calibre to trace out the disappeared and hidden diamonds, funds and gems.

Prashanti Nilayam should be closed

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Question: Why should Prashanti NIlayam be closed?

Answers: 1. The person who pretended to have the ability to produce things from vacuum no longer exists.

2. The person who preached platitudes of love, disappeared into the wilderness of death.

3. Cashing on the popularity of dead persons with some credibility, by building prayer houses around their tombs is a world-wide practice. The best example for this we can get from the pilgrimage Centre Shirdi, Maharashtra, India. Shirdi Sai Baba died in the first quarter of the 20th Century. Shirdi Samsthan Prayer Complex has become a billions of dollar business centre collecting donations. Lodges have cropped up at the place. Shops selling memorabilia and statuettes do great business at the place.

Real Estate Business is already flourishing at Puttaparti, at exhobirtant prices disproportionate to the realities of Anantapur District.

Development of businesses around unproductive activities can result in wastage of resources financial, physical and time.

The demand for Government Take Over of the Trust is not practical. Government has to attend to its priority function of governance.

4. Leaving huge funds and properties in the hands of Private Trustees is also extremely risky. After-all, they are humans. We can NOT blame them, if they get tempted.

5. The general prevailing impression is, the Constitutional Principle of Rule of Law does not operate at Puttaparti. This should be corrected immediately. The Administration and the Police have to enforce all applicable loss meticulously. The State and Central Governments should immediately withdraw all concessions and exemptions.

6. The existing structures can be used for creating public utility properties like Research Institutes, Public Sector Industries.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why did all the special worships and prayers fail?

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Mr. Ashok Singhal, the International President of Visva Hindu Parishad, along with many other V.I.Ps. prayed for the health of Sathya Sai Baba, at Puttaparti on 6th April 2011.

Muslims of the towns sang devotional songs praying for revival of Sathya Sai Baba on April 6.
Children--the sinless and women organised a candle-rally praying that Sathya Sai Baba should live long.
Andheri, Mumbai citizens conducted a havan praying Baba's well-being on April 21, 2011.
Devotees of Hariyana conducted a 12 hour havan for the recouping of Baba.

The Central Trust organised 'Maha Mrityunjaya yagnam' (Great Death Conquering Sacrifice) at Puttaparti on April 6.

Colombo devotees organised Maha Vitringeha Yagnam praying for Sai Baba's revival, on April 6.
At the request of Mr. Indulal Shah, their International adviser, all the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations (Overseas) conducted prayers on 16th April 2011 to 18th April 2011, at stiipulated timings.
Baba's Pune devotees made Bhajans and chants on Apr 7.

Blogger's Comments
The failure of all the players proves the futility of prayers. Super-human powers may exist. Many of them may be relevant or irrelevant to humans. Prayers and yagnams (sacrifices) of any religion, cannot propitiate them and get the desired results.